New Haven Event Park sits on 28 acres of pristine land located in the beautiful Southwestern corner of Missouri. Much of this part of the state is home to the Mark Twain National Forest. The land is flat and a mix of open fields and shaded groves of trees. On the back perimeter of the land is a spring-fed creek which is about 40 feet wide, 2-3 feet deep, and is flowing with cool, crystal clear water – perfect for a break from the summer heat.

Give yourself a gift this July – get out of your city and enjoy some of this country life with us under a full moon!

55 minutes from Springfield, MO
3.5 hours from St. Louis, MO
3.5 hours from Kansas City, MO
3 hours from Fayetteville, AR
4 hours from Memphis, TN
5 hours from Oklahoma City, OK