We know you are coming to Lighting of the Moon to dance and share in community, but the magic and fun will not stop there. There will be a plethora of opportunities to learn, play, participate, and flow all weekend long. Read on to see what have planned thus far. We have so much more in the works!…

Live Music

The headliner of the weekend is the Full “Buck” Moon, however we are also featuring local, regional, and national musical artists throughout the event grounds. At Lighting of the Moon will have 5 areas of live music: The Moon Stage featuring our National and choice regional acts, ReKinektion Dome featuring late night dance parties inside a colorful geo-dome, Sacred Circus after hours Dance Party in the main filed, late night Temple sets inside the Chapel, and the Bonfire Sessions located inside the Temple Tribe Camp which will feature artists playing non-amplified acoustic music and storytelling around a sacred bonfire. Click HERE for a listing of our live music lineup.

Live Art

We will feature multiple live artists from the surrounding region. They will be scattered throughout the festival grounds painting and creating “live” during the event. If you’ve never seen the creation of a piece of artwork this will be your opportunity to witness as blank canvases get transformed into a stunning piece of artworks. If you like what you see, most of the artists will have their works for sale upon completion. Click HERE for a listing of our live artists.

Little Observers Area

Coordinated by Mama’s and Papa’s, the Little Observers Area is a kid-friendly zone where parents can join their children for special activities specially designed and targeted for the children. There will be arts, crafts, nature walks, education opportunities, storytelling, and music specially designed for the children. Please note – all children in the Little Observers Area MUST be accompanied by their guardian – in short, this is not a babysitting service but rather an opportunity for parents to bond with their children at Lighting of the Moon.


It’s fun to have fun and it’s also fun to learn! At Lighting of the Moon we will have a wide range of workshops being hosted on such topics as permaculture, sustainable living, healthy lifestyle choices, hula hooping, poi, yoga and many other topics.

Healing Arts

If you’re called to participate in Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Massage, or Sound Healing you are invited to visit our Temple Soul Spa to get exactly what you are looking for.


– Yoga
– Hiking
– Star Gazing
– Nature Walks
– Community Art Project
– Swimming and wading in the spring fed creeks (please bring water shoes)
– Learn about Earth Nation and the many incredible services they are providing throughout the world

**Please check back as our activities will be updated and complete schedules posted as we get closer to the event