To kick off a series of artist interviews that will help you get to know the musicians gracing Lighting of the Moon’s stages, we had the chance to touch base with the dynamic Lusid. The brainchild of Dean McDonnell, Lusid is a one-man explosion of musical talent, unique flavor, and multi-instrumental mastery. His beats melt into psychedelic grooves and coalesce with funky vibes all rounded out by McDonnell’s discerning and methodical mind.

My first taste of Lusid involved him busting out jams donning a wizard hat and cape opening for Phutureprimitive at a 2720 Cherokee TEMPLE event. His style is endlessly authentic and he mesmerizes with each note played. Lighting of the Moon attendees will be treated to both a Sunrise and Sunset performance, and we are thrilled to see what this force of nature has up his sleeve.

Anything you would like Lighting of the Moon attendees to know about you and your music?

If I’m playing it I made it, plus I do all my own stunts.

We are vibing with your Tic Tac Toe and Biocubic Castles lab sessions, and are impressed how you flow so seamlessly. Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process with so many instruments and how you came to master so many? Do you have a favorite to play?

Well it all started with a bolt of white lightning that split my brain into multiple personalities. After waking from what seemed like a dream, I was confronted by a small gnome who relayed a simple message “Play or be played.” Ever since then I’ve been a slave to the sound, picking up any instrument that tickles my brain. I don’t have a favorite but if I had to choose it would be the wind chimes because they play themselves! Love it!

What inspires you to create?

A burning desire to fill the void of a wandering mind, captivated by the high ultimatum that follows a fresh idea. But normally a fresh rolled joint and a quad shot of espresso does the trick.

What are your thoughts on the current convergence of organic and electronic that is happening in music today?

I think it’s great that people are incorporating real instruments in coalition with electronic music more and more these days. It’s like boarding a ghost ship in uncharted territory only to find out you never left your front yard.

What artists have influenced your musical style? Any artists you’d dream to collab with?

I really enjoy all kinds of influence from Jack White and Gorillaz to Amon Tobin, Shpongle, and Noisia. I don’t really have any one in mind to collab with, I already have too many cooks in the kitchen working alone. Which reminds me, I have a new 6 track release called huSTLer that is fresh out the oven so keep your eyes peeled for all new club bangers to get your jimmies rustled in all the right ways. Toodles!

Cheers to rustled jimmies and two epic sets with this talented vibe creator!