Moniker’s thunderous performances and compelling studio work has earned the creatively gifted pair – Jacob Tullos and Brandon Reid – a highly regarded reputation in the underground community. Deep, dark bass meets forward thinking production techniques in each purely original release that has made Moniker a go-to contributor to taste-making labels like Saturate Records, Sleeveless Records, and ShadowTrix Music.

What would you like Lighting of the Moon attendees to know about you two and your music?

BR: I would say that our music is tailored to each crowd. We definitely strive to provide a unique experience each time we perform while simultaneously creating a cohesive body of work that represents us. The best part of deejaying is reading the crowd and seeing what people like and don’t like and reacting accordingly.

JT: We play a lot of originals and a lot of stuff by our friends so it definitely has a unique flavor but as Brandon said, we kind of just let the set flow and have fun with it.

What are some inspirations behind your sound?

JT: Musically, we’re inspired by everything from Radiohead to System of a Down to A Tribe Called Quest and everything in between. Old school video game tunes are a huge inspiration as well. But a lot of our inspirations also come from sounds out in the real world. It’s not uncommon for us to stop what we’re doing when we hear a cool sound and try and get a recording.

BR: I love hearing new sounds from all kinds of objects and places. Whether it’s stepping on ice or hitting a crosswalk button, random sounds always translate to samples in my brain. I used to sing in a couple bands. I did stand up comedy once. I guess what I’m trying to say is I need a nice field recorder to utilize all the random noises nature has to offer.

Are there any notable moments from your current tour with Zebbler Encanti Experience?

BR: One moment that sticks out in my mind is on our first show with ZEE, we were asked to play an extra half hour. After slinging everything we had into a 90 minute set, I wasn’t so sure we could do it. We went ahead and did it. Long story short we got to answer a great interview question.

JT: Yeah there have been a lot of cool moments on tour, it’s hard for me to pick one. Probably just meeting new friends and hanging out with people who are into the same type of art as us. The bass music scene is full of amazing people and that never really gets old for me.

Is there anything in the works we should be on the lookout for?

JT: We’re writing a new EP at the moment and we have some collabs in the works as well so there should be a lot of new music in the coming months, keep an eye out!

BR: We’ve been feeling out all kinds of new music and BPMs to try. I think our new EP is gonna be a little weird for sure but art is art. It’s important to try new things. One of the new things you should try is our music!

What does “Moniker” mean to you?

BR: We chose our name because it meant “name”. It allows us to explore and evolve as producers. There are no boundaries when your name means “name”. Alternatively, it sounded cool at the time.

JT: Yeah, we like that our name doesn’t classify us or pidgeonhole our sound. We make weird beats and hopefully folks like em.