Joshua Goor (Moon&Sun)

Josh Goor creates art that reflects his connection to the soul, the spirit, the earth & other heavenly bodies, the universe, and the elements. "My art tiptoes the beautiful line between the dark & the light. I take inspiration from my own spiritual journey, and connection with this existence and others. I am in constant search of the next step of my artistic and energetic revolution. With each new painting, or creation, I move ever closer to my goal. I am also an intentional tattooer with a private studio off of cherokee street in Saint Louis, MO."

Online Artwork:

Instagram: @j_goor_colortattoo

Zen Junkie Art

Paul Stanford, The Zen Junkie, creates meditation art inspired by folk symbolism and styles.

Online Artwork:

Instagram: @zenjunkieart_stl
Facebook: Zen Junkie Studios

Biorythmic - Michael Kraichely

Saint Louis artist Michael Kraichely has dedicated his life to creating images that unite multiple planes of perception. From memories, the physical world and dream world, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, he strives to create a seamless representation of an interconnected life. Where the ideas, inner thoughts and work of individuals are joined with their external manifestations.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Michael Kraichely
Instagram: @biorhythmic

Kammie Lynn

Self taught visionary artist based in Arkansas who uses mixed medias to create bright cosmic and dreamy surrealistic scenes. She's always found music to be a large inspiration to her creative process and believes it to be closely entwined with emotions which she conveys through visual art.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Kameraki Creations

Nick Fozzy

St. Louis legend, Nick Fozzy, is one if the most active live artists in town!!

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Nick Fozzy
Instagram: @nickfozzyart

River Lavender

River Blackshear is a colorful St. Louis Native living her life fully immersed in artistic culture and expression. She is currently attending Meramec College to obtain a Fine Arts degree with the future set on a focus in painting and color therapy. She has been a featured artist for several events in the St. Louis area including; meet and greet for a St. Louis Senator, community outreach shows to help overcome regional violence, even high end galleries like the OA Gallery of Kirkwood, she has recently stepped out as a live artist at various venues around the city. The beautiful use of color and texture along with graphic exploration of space takes us across universe with one step into her artistic vision.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: FrOm ElseWhere the Art of River Blackshear
Instagram: @lavenderriver

Dana Murdock

Arist, Dana Murdock, is a seasoned live painter based out of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. She states it is her goal as a live painter to be a conduit for creativity, compassion and unification. Through her use of color, light and concept she fosters positive connections with a soulful resonance as viewers are introduced to the whimsical perennial spirit of her work.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Dana Murdock
Instagram: @dreamweaversguild

Ryan Lavelle

Born and raised in New Orleans since 8/9/89. I've been through the swampy side of life only to return to the light on 11/11/11 when I saw live painting for the first time. Ever since then I have been evolving my technique focusing on ancient temples, energy patterns, and Ayahuasca Shamans.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Ryan Lavelle
Instagram: @synchroneyes

Nolan James

Nolan James is a New Mexico native, living in the Ozarks, he is a painter and sketch artist focusing on connecting nature, spirit and humanity. He is a horticulturalist, market gardener, and works in ecological restoration. He feels Arts task is to save the soul of humanity.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Nolan James

Stephen Curtright

I specialize in diversity as I bring my whole self into each piece of media I dive into. I feel that art tells your story and the receiver takes a part of you with them.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Stephen Louis Curtright


I’m Sudiebelle or Sudie like Judy with an S! I am a mixed media artist that specializes in reading and channeling energy from the ether and my environment into my work. I’m a Reiki Master and an artist of the spirit.

Online Artwork:

Facebool: Sudiebellemarie


St. Louis legend… the mad scientist…

Online Artwork:

Instagram: @geckotms
Facebook: James Payne

Chris D’Andrea

Chris D'Andrea is a Ozark live painter based out of Eureka Springs Arkansas. He improvises images from start to finish during events that are of a "Ozark Folk Style" stirred with a spoonful of"mushroom psychedelia".

Online Artwork:

Facebook: D'Andrea's Genuine Paintery
Instagram: @christhefartist

Leon Willis

I'm an artist elevating the consciences of humanity and encouraging everyone to explore their own creativity

Online Artwork:

I.G: leonwillis_art

Caitlin Paige

Channeling energy in to lines and colors.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Catsmos the art of Caitlin Page
Instagram- @Catsmosisart

Jonny Xacto

Jonny Xacto received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has shown his work in and out of galleries around the country, including: Chicago, New York, and Saint Louis. In all of my artistic life and career, “I have learned that Art should be for the masses and yet is often collected and hoarded by the elite. I mostly work with oil on canvas and spray paint on wall. Art, like all energy, can not be created or destroyed it can only change form.”

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Jonny Xacto

Althea Mae Yap

I am a local STL artist and focus on acrylic work on canvas, while exploring other mediums such as drawings, turned into prints and stickers, and wire wrapping. I've done several art shows at 2720 Cherokee Live Performing Arts Center and am looking to broaden my horizons. My art is inspired by music artists, spirituality, and trippy colors and visuals.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: AltheAlien Art

Shane Baskins

Shane Baskins is a self- taught artist that creates intuitively in various mediums and focuses primarily in acrylic and oil paints. His paintings are brightly colored with complex arrangements of patterns, shapes, and application of color using a variety of themes and techniques. His work ranges from graphic abstract and pop psychedelic to visionary and surrealistic in composition. The process of creating in the moment is as important as the outcome of the process for him.

Online Artwork:

Instagram: @etherealdimensions

Mercedes Joy Knapp

I am a visual artist from Michigan. I create anything from whimsical colored pencil drawings, to oil paintings, to high-vibration gemstone jewelry, to sculptures. As a meditation on the beauty of the Earth, and the spirit that moves through everything inhabiting it, my work creates a magnificent celebration from every buoyant hue and springing line. While working towards my BFA at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I found my love for color and interconnection that I depict in my work translated into various music events around the Twin Cities. I now enjoy expressing myself at these events through the visual medium, hoping to inspire others to see the festivity in all parts of life. My work depicts inner life, fueled by imagination, emotions, and an unending curiosity about how “alive” we can really be.

Online Artwork:

Facebook: Mercedes Joy Knapp