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Lighting of the Moon | July 27 & 28 | Ava, MO | New Haven Event Park


Ever evolving in his quest for the perfect squelch, or the dirtiest skank, Oscar has spent a lifetime experimenting and developing sounds which bend the structures of electronic genre’s, all of them encompassing an original and unmistakable essence.His passion and production, have delivered him to some of the largest crowds at festivals such as Burning man, Universo Paralello, Boom festival, Ozora, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Eclipse Festival and countless other shows all across 5 continents of the globe.

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Phutureprimitive is the moniker of Bay Area producer and songwriter Rain. Phutureprimitive’s music is best described as dripping wet love drops of nasty mind melting sonic bliss. Lush melodies drift across intricate rhythms, groove heavy beats and warm, fuzzy bass lines. Often exploring a dark and dense palette, there is also a profound sense of tranquility and beauty, engaging the listener into hypnotic movement and often escalating into a full-on kinetic experience. Shimmering with cinematic qualities, his music ultimately speaks to the body, mind and soul.

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The Human Experience

“THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE” is David Block’s principal project as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Listeners experience a delicious symphonic blend of prismatic soundscapes and sultry beats.David is constantly pushing the boundaries of live electronic music. Playing, composing, and conducting his own electronic symphony live on stage, his performances are brimming and layered with human emotion, world exploration, and sacred sounds.

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Andrei Olenev has been a staple of the west coast bass music scene for about a decade. His first project, Heyoka, brought him to festivals all over the world. Over the last 5 years, he has been producing and performing under the name, “Andreilien.” His distinct musical style has a constantly evolving sound with a solid foundation of deep sub bass and heavy psychedelia, combining influences of many musical styles, without confining itself to any particular genre.

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David Starfire

David Starfire is a world-renowned producer/composer/multi-instrumentalist/DJ that has performed at some of themost amazing places on earth including the Pyramids of Giza, The Coliseum at Caesars Palace and Coachella. He’s best known for blending world music with electronic music and his epic remixes. David has performed at festivals and shows along with some of the biggest electronic artists including Skrillex, Bassnectar, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, David Guetta, Diplo and countless others.

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Plantrae roams the forests and detritus of modernity, crafting earthy beat music clearly evocative of its NW origin. Energetic and serenely beautiful, Plantrae’s sound threads a distinctive path between acoustic instrumentation, and exhilarating electronic production. Live viola at every show brings an undercurrent of indelible warmth to an already lush palette.

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Mindex is an all original electronic composer whose singular bass productions combine elements of jazz, funk, classical music and middle eastern music with hybrid electronica. His polished production prowess allows him to draw every shape, color and movement with it's own unique character. The result being melodic patterns, textured layers, and extremely detailed automations of modern synthesizers and effects, creating a four dimensional topography for your mind to digest. In the last few years, that Mindex sound has proven to shake the dance floors with heavy bass and memorable melodies.

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Of the Trees

Of the Trees is Tyler Coombs; electronic music producer hailing from Portland, ME. Melding strong influences from hip hop, ambient, and dance music to create emotive soundscapes laden with everything from jazzy piano arrangements to polyrhythmic changes not commonly heard in clubfriendly music. To date, he has released three well-received albums with Austin, TX based label Gravitas Recordings, as well as appearing on Bassnectar’s 2015 effort; “Into the Sun”. He has had the honor of being direct support for artists like DJ Shadow, RJD2, and STS9, as well as performing at festivals across the country and Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.

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Born in the Southeast, Moniker’s thunderous sets and powerful studio work has earned the duo of Jacob Tullos and Brandon Reid a high-caliber profile in the underground bass community. Brutal bass meets avant-garde production techniques in each wholly original release that has made Moniker a go-to contributor to taste-making labels like Saturate Records, ThazDope, Sleeveless Records, and ShadowTrix Music.

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Soulacybin was incubated as pure auditory information, coded deep in alien realms of distant, future space. Representing the bio-mechanically fused organisms of its home world, Soulacybin balances deep, squishy realms of organic dub with digital, hyper-active percussion and slimy, stretchy basslines. Thriving on the nervous system of musician John LaBoone, Soulacybin is here to bring its yet-unknown alien message to lovers of deep, patient, thoughtful music.

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By combining hypnotic melodies and hard hitting basslines with his tribal spirit, Deerskin transports participants to distant lands where past and future mesh much like the styles and genres in his music. Drawing on the energy of the crowd, Deerskin is able to combine artistic live MIDI shows with select DJing to create a sonic euphoria that draws all to the dancefloor.

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Living Light

Entrancing dub and body-moving uptempo electronic opuses are the hallmark of the Living Light sound, blending global beats, indigenous voices, swirling symphonic melodies, and a dash of psychedelia that has lit up audiences coast to coast. Eartha Harris officially launched her Living Light project in 2012 having spent half a decade behind the keyboards in the pioneering live electronic hybrid Psylab. She now has two full albums and two EP’s under the Living Light name, her most recent pair released in 2016 on Desert Dwellers’ Desert Trax label, in addition to compilation appearances on Merkaba Music and Sofa Beats, and official remixes for Papadosio, CloZee, Wildlight, Desert Dwellers, and many more heavy-hitters on the festival circuit.

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Coming from an ancient, faraway dimension known to humans as St. Charles, MO, “Lusid” has arrived on our planet to bring a head-bobbing musical project that is simply out of this world. The groovy psychedelia of Dean McDonnell’s auditory brainchild is overflowing with diverse instrumentation; this includes the interesting adoption of live guitar, funky bass, tribal didgeridoo, atmospheric theremin, and vinyl record scratching.

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Forming in Providence, RI in early 2016, beardthug has already opened soldout shows nationwide for Funtcase, Pretty Lights, Cookie Monsta, Yheti, GTA, Borgore, Yellowclaw, Flamingosis and many more. Their diversity in sound has landed them steady bookings at everything from festivals to brooklyn warehouse raves, as well as a track feature in Denon DJ’s newest MC7000 commercial.

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A well know name in the southeast USA he has played festivals such as Zen Awakening, Pass the Good, and is a veteran to the ThazDope Records Secret Stash events held in Miami, Florida during the Winter Music Conference. His debut EP “Wook Simulator” was released on ThazDope Records in 2017,

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LoDurr is one of the Co-Founders and owners of Thazdope Records, and is the creative vision of Shawn Sparlin. Serving as the visual animation engineer behind the ThazDope Records team. LoDurr/LoKi has opened up for larger artists such as Borgore, Prophet Massive, Antiserum, Getter, Knight Riderz, Spankalicious, Sugar Pill, and Archnemesis, to name a few.

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Danny Grooves

Among the most eclectic tastes in music, with original flavor covering genres such as trap, hip hop, glitch, break beat, funk, soul, and everything in between; DG is a pop culture roller-coaster ride of hard-hitting beats, familiar samples, and skillful effects damaging songs from the fifties all the way to today. With 14 years of music production experience, Danny Grooves has battled in competition, of both producers and deejays to prove that his artistry is unparalleled in style and uniqueness. DG has warmed the crowd for many of the top names in the industry including The Cool Kids, Blueprint, Mac Lethal, Tipper, EOTO, Crizzly, Wick-it the Instigator, Megalodon, Bukez Finezt & many more.

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Alexis Tucci

Underground house DJ influenced by deep sexy grooves and intense tribal techno. Reflecting on funk, soul, latin and disco.

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Brady Cagle- aka Flintwick, the genre-bending up and comer of underground bass music has created quite a frenzy since forming in early 2017. With a release through taste maker Daruma, as well as supporting big names in the bass music scene, Cagle bridges the gap between stimulating sound design and dancefloor shaking rhythm. Equipped with organic textures and liquid bass, his funky "slip-glitch" sounds are a refreshing take on electronic music as a whole; melding influence from multifarious genres into a mind-bending extravaganza.

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Wookie Goldbrick

Formally known as Kevin Shpacey. Specializes in IDM, psytrance and weird bass music. If when the going turns strange u turn pro Wookie Goldbrick is for you!

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Producer from the Midwest. Focus is pure, but never sure where the road will lead.

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Those who know already know. Those who don't know better ask somebody.

Joe Blush

King. St. Louis, MO

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21 year old DJ who plays Jungle Terror, House, Trap, Dance Hall, Moombahton, Hard Bass music, and Psychedelic Bass.

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SF / Oakland / StL / Connector

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Sacred Circus

Find the Sacred Circus within! Not as a distraction from reality, but as a portal into infinite curiosity & fun! The sacred doesn't always have to be so serious. To us, Sacred means DIVINELY CONNECTED, in the ZONE, & Channeling the FLOW. We are a performance collective/aerial/DJ fusion project. We combine stunning aerial acts, flow arts, hoop, fire, acrobatics, contortion, and more complete with an energetic, bouncy, electro-circus sound provided by DJ ATUM.

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ReKinection Village

ReKinection is a collaboration of guides, performers, musicians, artists and writers conspiring to inspire empowerment and embodiment. Guiding people to actively manifest their creative empowered selves by re-establishing the relationship between body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The ReKinection Village is a collaborative space that focuses on bringing enlightenment, education and entertainment to events! We gather for yoga, holistic wellness, performing arts & aerial, sustainability and art workshops in The Cathedral Dome, Big Top Tent and Aerial/Flow Arts Space. At night the Village becomes the backdrop for the ReKinective Experience show and other entertainment!

The ReKinective guides are experts in a variety of performing arts, body movement and wellness services. Workshops and playshops teach a holistic approach to health. We inspire participants to access their creative empowered selves and embrace their full potential, bringing more intelligence, confidence, creativity and awareness into every aspect of life.

Bonfire Sessions

Join us fireside each night in the Temple Tribe camp for a series of songs and storys told around the warm glow of a bonfire.